Recreational and Competive Classes of all types

Movin' Babies (Ages 20 months to 36 months)

  • A 45 min class for young beginners to introduce them into a classroom environment where lil dancers have fun with song and dance routines they can do on a weekly bases to build up memory retention, stretching/balance and coordination activities, and the introduction of tap and learning the aspect of sound and movement.

Ballet, Tap & Tumbling (Ages 3yrs-6yrs)

  • 55 minutes consisting of 25 minutes of ballet, 20 minutes of tap, and 10 minutes of tumbling.  Students dance to interactive music that engages the beginning technique and movements of dance.  They learn fun song and dance routines, have the opportunity to be creative with the use of props, plus one on one time with teacher.

Ballet, Tap & Jazz (Ages 6yrs-12yrs)

  • 55 minutes consisting of 25 minutes of ballet, 20 minutes of tap, and 10 minutes of tumbling.  Students will learn intermediate technique and steps of ballet and tap.  Jazz technique and movement will also be introduced to fun and age appropriate music. 

Ballet and Jazz/Hip Hop (Ages 8yrs & Up)

  • 55 minutes for beginning to intermediate dancers. Class will include 30 minutes of stretch and strengthening and ballet technique and 25 minutes of jazz/hip hop technique and body movement.

Jazz/Hip Hop (Ages 6yrs-Teen)

  • 55 minutes dancers will learn fun upbeat routines to age appropriate music.  Class will include stretching and strengthening, jazz technique to include turns, leaps, and jumps along with hip hop technique and body movement.

Ballet & Pointe (Ages 12yrs-Teen)

  • 55 minutes consisting of ballet barre technique, proper ballet terminology, pointe strengthening, and pointe technique. 

Cheer/Pom (Ages 5yrs-Teen)

  • 55 minutes learning stretch and strengthen technique, cheer, chants, jumps, leaps, turns, tumbling, and jazz technique so students can be ready for tryouts or for fun.

Tumbling for Dancers (Ages 5yrs-Teen)

  • 55 minutes learning stretch and strengthen technique along with beginning to intermediate floor tumbling.

Intermediate to Advanced Combination (Depending on ability)

  • 85 or 115 minutes dancers will learn correct stretching and strengthening technique along with ballet, tap, and jazz technique on a intermediate and advanced level.


Classes are held so that there is time in between classes for instructors to be able to talk with parents and answer any question

Performing Company

. Performing Dance Company is offered to dancers ages 4-19 years of age and that have been in dance for at least 2 years or at directors discretion.  Auditions are normally held in June or July for upcoming dance year.  Performing company is about the experiences in forming goals and the hard work and dedication it takes to reach those goals, competing in regional and national dance competitions, giving back by volunteering in community event(s), and building a strong dance family. If you have any questions regarding Dance Company please feel free to ask.